Ele and me home alone   added 8 years ago    

  By: dobby

Ele and me home alone

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Today was quite a normal day, nothing special happened at the college or on the way home or maybe I found nothing that would interest me. I came home and I had nothing to do.

I sat down on the sofa in the lounge and started to watch some TV program. Just then ele came home and straight went in to her room. When she came out I could smell the shampoo and some perfume as well. Mum had
already left to go for some party and today me and ele would be alone until midnight.

I did not wanted my sister to feel that I was pushy so I just sat in the lounge and kept watching TV. Ele came in the room and quickly took the remote and changed to cartoon network. I shouted "hey, I was here first" but you know ele, she never gives up easily so she shouted back "Hey, now I have the remote so what you gonna do huh?". Normally I used to get annoyed at that and would shout at her and run and get my control, but today, a flicker of light came in my eye. OH yes baby! (I thought) and pretended to be annoyed and started running after my little sister. She could never run very far, and I got her on the ground quickly. My dick was obviously very hard and it hurt her in the tummy. she said lightly "owww, it hurts" I said "What does" and she pointed downwards and she said " It’s hurting my stomach", cant you move it down between my legs?" I felt embarrassed and complied but didn’t let go off her, I had her arms on the sides with my arms and her legs parted. She was trying quite hard to get out of my grip but I didn’t let her. I wanted to start rubbing my cock on her mole hill but it was so hard that I could not bend it at all. I knew that I am not going to put it in right now in to her and so had to let ele go, so I said ok now I have won yeh? (the wrestling). Now I choose the channel. I let ele's hands go and I was standing on my knees while she was still on the ground.

Ele said, " Cant we do something else?" I said well what do you want to do? and she pointed at my very hard cock, can I see it?. I was a bit embarrassed, I had never shown it to anyone let alone my little sister, what if she finds it dirty or ugly... I said nothing for few seconds and that is all ele needed, she reached up and pulled down my shorts. And there is was, stretched up at an
angle trying to look up. I closed my eyes, I did not wanted to see the look in her eyes, this way she could just run back to her room or anything, I did not wanted to push her to do anything and if she did run away I was not going to make her do anything.

Few seconds passed, which seemed like a very long time to me, and then.. I had a sensation, a very sweet and soft sensation. Ele touched my cock with her fingers, she was more like caressing it, she exclaimed "Its really soft, isn’t it?" I smiled and took a breath of "oh thank god she didn’t hate it". She said again, "Its really really soft, like a velvet!" I said smiling "Why thank you!. Ele smiled back and sat up to look at it some more. She said, you know I always wanted to ask you this, that when we wrestle, why does your thing gets so hard anyway? what is it for? she continued " I have never seen anyone who have this thing!"and I only see you with it when we wrestle or like now".

I asked, did you like it?, she said "its alright, I really like the softness of it and.." I asked go on and what is it? and ele looked down and said. I feel something down there whenever you touch it to me and when we wrestle. I asked ele, what about now, and she went a bit red and said well obviously, right now I feel ... (blush) like when we played zaxxon. I said wow! ok that’s really good. I told her, ele this is a dick and it gets hard when I get excited and it goes inside your thing in there.. her eyes widened.. and her mouth was open ele said "you are joking, there is no way it can go in there, I know because only the tip of your tongue or my little finger can only go in there".

I laughed, and said "its very elastic ele, I am not going to do it unless you were ready for it". Ele said, but how will it go down?.. I felt embarrassed to tell her that I wank off, so I said. You can help me with it if you want. Ele was already caressing it anyway so I said, just keep doing what you are doing and ele continued. I was laying down my back and ele was still caressing it, and then ele said, what’s that wet stuff? I felt embarrassed again, I said oh nothing and just wiped it off my shorts on the side. But you know ele, she wouldn't give up. Ele pinched my dick and said "Tell me". This caused two things, I got up with pain and it made her laugh and second more wet stuff leaked out at the top.

I said why did you do that for.. but ele eyes were shining, she said hehe I got it now, this is how I will get you. I will just pinch it when you are naughty. I did not say anything.. I felt it belonged to her now anyway so I simply said "ok" its yours, do what you like. She smiled and said thanks and looked at me intently for THE answer. I had to tell her the truth, so I said "well, its called love juice, it comes out to make it easy for the cock to go in to you but some girls like the taste of it and love to take it in their mouth. OK I said it! that was the truth!!

Ele looked at me in wonder, her eyes wider than before. She didn’t say anything but moved up and licked it with her tong. She said, I can’t taste anything.. its bit odd smell, I said, " I think if you do it right then you might like it". Ele said what is right way? and I said well, you need to rub it with your hands or with your mouth to juice it up a bit. So ele started stroking my shaft with the hand and waited for something to come out, I hinted, maybe if you keep it in your mouth it will be better. She looked at me, and said you won’t pee on me like I did would you?" I laughed a bit and said you did not pee ele it was your love juice and I licked it off my fingers in the bathroom. She gasped! but why didn’t you tell me? I thought that I peed on you so I ran away.. I said ok I’m sorry, I will never hide anything from you.

Ele kept sucking the head of my cock and kept stroking it slowly its as she was sucking a lolly and the reward was the slow drip of my cum juice. Right then ele sat down on my leg and started rubbing her pussy on my leg.. I asked ele to remove her shorts, ele complied.. and while she was taking them off she said, I wish you could do your thing right now. I had not known this position to
be called 69 at that time, but being creative as I was I suggested to her to try and bring it to my mouth, as ele was bit shorter it was not very easy to but we found a position on the floor using the cushions from the sofa.

I really can’t remember how long we did it but I think ele had waves of orgasm on my mouth and tong but I held myself back so ele don’t get scared of me.. in the end ele was getting really tired but she kept up with me, she asked.. doesn't your cock let out liquid like mine does? I smiled and said, it lets out a lot more than yours, I just don’t want to scare you! but you know ele, she insisted that I do it for her so I told her that I can’t just do that at will, but if she lets me come on top then I can. She was getting tired of bobbing her head anyway so she complied and I got up and came on top of her and started pushing my dick bit deeper and bit quicker, ele did not say anything..

I kept getting deeper and deeper and I could feel her nails digging in to my buttocks, I wanted to ask her if she was alright but I also wanted to climax so much, so much that I could not stop I was coming in and out of her little throat now and I could feel that tight opening which I was touching every time. I went deeper, I wanted to ram my dick right inside that tight opening in her throat, I really really wanted to do that but I was afraid that it might hurt ele I did not wanted to hurt my lovely little sister but something was taking me over I was coming in and out like it was her pussy and I just had to do it, I knew this was the only way for me to come and yes!.. I did it I pushed my cock all the way right inside her throat, I could feel the reflex as if she was going to vomit and just then I started firing my load deep inside her throat, I started pulling out as I regained my senses but ele held my thighs and with her eyes she indicated that it was ok.

So I stayed in her mouth and she kept sucking all the stuff inside. When I was finished I layed down on the side and ele was also quite motionless, after all 2 hours of hard work can make anyone tired.. ele kept kissing my dick, and I was caressing her beautiful

Then ele asked, were you trying to kill me?, I said NO of course not, why do you say that? and she said well I could not breath, I was loving it all the time but when you went inside my throat completely I could not breathe and I thought you wanted me to die with your cock in my mouth. I said no ele, I love you, I would never want to hurt you in a bad way or kill you. ele was still
panting from the experience, I think she had also come with the intensity. She looked at me and said no I.. I think I really liked it, I liked the taste, the feeling and how you were using me like a toy but more than that.

I felt as I belonged to you to do what you wanted.. and I liked it. I can still feel your dick on my lips and tongue and its such a nice feeling, So brother as you said to me that your dick is mine, I want to give you a present also, I want to give you my whole body, including my little hole.. please do whatever you like with me, kill me if you want, this is how much I love you. I kissed ele and we had a nice cuddle.

This time she did not mind me kissing her and this time I knew that we have just made this special bond which will stay with us forever.

The next chapter will be coming soon.. but I need some encouragement. These stories take a lot out of me, I have to live them and I miss my sister so much as a result of that.

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Comments for Ele and me home alone

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silver67    (2012-03-01 03:06:49)    Flag as inappropiate
wish i had a sister that would make love like that. you are lucky.
slavesteve    (2009-05-25 08:23:50)    Flag as inappropiate
I want you to fuck my mouth and come in my throat, I promise to suck hard whenever you put your cock in my mouth and after you get hard you can fuck my ass.
Soohard08    (2009-02-22 11:44:53)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 Yea great story, but tabu.
wildbill_on    (2008-07-27 20:37:36)    Flag as inappropiate
more please
tnafaz    (2008-07-20 21:01:00)    Flag as inappropiate
I nearly came. I need tro wank now. Thanks
gibb0    (2008-01-14 16:20:20)    Flag as inappropiate
another gr8 story my friend cant wait for the next one
suckitgoodbabe    (2008-01-11 20:28:05)    Flag as inappropiate
Good work here. I'm not usually a fan of brother/sister relations but you did an excellent job of describing the face fucking! I couldn't stop reading.

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