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As with most of the parties for the young, what would it be like without liquor? After-all, the exams were all over and they were preparing to start hunting for jobs soon.

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I was in a chalet with my classmates and we're all having a ball of a time celebrating the end of our studying life (at least for most of us) and also a beginning to a career ahead of us.

Liquors were available freely (kudos to a rich classmate who sponsored all the liquor for the party) And we spiked the punch hard to ensure all of us were in a good buzz. This chalet or rather bungalow was rented for the weekend and we made sure there were plenty of rooms available for those who were too drunk to get home.

The music was blaring and all of us just downed cup after cup of Chivas, Jack Daniels and vodka too... Looking around, I could see most of them were already inebriated and most of the girls were also getting pretty hot. Noelle, the angelic faced nymph was sitting in a corner and had her head down, and I walked over and asked if she was all right. She just nodded her head and I continued asking if she needed some rest in one of the rooms. No objections there. I took her arm and helped her along and brought her up to the room right down the way (furthest from the party)

She limped in and then collapsed right on the bed. I took a look around and locked the door behind me. "Noelle, you ok?" I asked while trying to shake her awake. No response at all, must have been all that vodka she drunk earlier on. One last check, I slapped her on her thighs. Still no response.

She was all dressed up in a nice lil black dress with spaghetti straps and a plunging v neckline and it was a asymetrical cut from her knee on the right up to her thighs on the left. And as she lay there, the hemline was raised a few more inches showing the gusset of her bright red panties. I raised her dress up and removed it easily from her petite body. Such a doll, her small frame was endowed with nice B cup boobs which were not covered by any bra and her small panties moulded over her pussy.

I leaned over and tugged at her red panties and slid them off smoothly over her silky legs. Her bare smooth pussy came into view and I had to take a closer look. With my face right above her damp pussy, I took a deep whiff as well as a testing lick against the lips. A strong musky smell and a slightly saltish taste was what I got in return. Raising myself up to her breasts, I latched onto her right nipple and sucked on it. So soft and tender, my right hand snaked down and began to flick up and down her pussy lips, diving in and out of them. Then I started going around her clitoris with my index finger, round and round slowly before I reached in deeply inside her increasingly wet vagina.

Fingering her slowly, I realised with a surprise that there was a lil bit of obstruction inside her. Could it be? Lowering myself downward again, I spread her pussy lips and inspected carefully. It does look like she's still a virgin. Wow, am I lucky or what?

Removing my clothes quickly, I placed her on her back and spread her legs apart with her knees bent. Kneeling down between her legs, I guided myself inside her slowly. My dick slipped in easily with all that lubrication but was stopped only by her hymen. Leaning down over her, I raised myself with my hands and knees and forced myself down hard with a single motion. Breaking thru, I allowed myself to lie on her with my cock deep inside her pulsating pussy. She seemed to be in a erotic dream and was gripping me using her vaginal muscles in a series of waves. Wonder where did she learn that trick.

Fucking her deep and slowly, I took my time and even tried a few more different positions before I came inside her. I then carried her right inside the bathroom and proceeded to clean her up. Spraying her all over and soaping her down. It took me a few more minutes to get her cleaned up and after drying her off, I dressed her up and deposited her back into bed and covered her.

Time to get back to the party...

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macker0825    (2008-03-06 12:09:43)    Flag as inappropiate
great story and I see there is more parts to this... I wished I had this much luck as you did... good times!

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