Ele and me playing Checkers   added 8 years ago    

  By: dobby

Ele and me playing checkers game

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Ele and i are loving brother and sister. We have 6 year age difference but being the elder brother she looks upon me as a caretaker for all her needs. After my brief encounter with ele last night I was thinking weather I should go back to ele's bedroom again or not the next night. In the morning, I dropped ele at the school as normal, she was alone with me in the car but she did not mention anything about last night. I was expecting this anyway because last time when she got wet on my hand she never said anything about it during the day either, so I decided not to say anything myself , i went to college myself. I could not really study much in the college because I was just wondering what i should do next.

After the college finished, I came back home and then picked ele back from the school. She still didn’t say anything. I am not sure what i was expecting her to say anyway, she could not say hey brother, "last night you licked my pussy real good" but then maybe i did. I was also divided in my mind as to how far i wanted to go with her, did i wanted to have sex with her? Or did i just wanted to keep giving her pleasure.

Anyhow, the evening came and ele brought me a nice cup of tea and sat down with me in the TV lounge and started getting the chess board out> She said " can we please play checkers now?", my mind was still quite jumbled so i said "No ,i don’t feel like it." But knowing my sister she was not to give up so easily. Suddenly she said "OK! if you win you can do anything you want with me"!! I was shocked (in a good way) but my desires came running up from my heart and i realized that i really wanted to have full sex with my sister. Oh the pleasure i will get when i push my thick member in her soft wet pussy, how she will look me in the eye when i am jammed all the way inside her, how she will cry if I pushed it too hard in her ass, I felt like a king and the possibilities were endless, so naturally I agreed to play checkers with my little sister.

Normally i was very good in checkers and I had defeated a few good players in private parties but today I could only think about riding my little sister. My brain was really not working, my member was throbbing and I felt that my heart is in my throat.

We played checkers for a while and suddenly she said aha! I won! i was gobsmacked! Fuck! What just happened. I lost the game and worse.. Now i don’t get nothing at all. Shit Shit Shit!.

I looked at her and she was dancing with joy around the room and then she ran to mum and told her that she won a chess match from me. Anyway i kept watching the tele like a sour loser. After an hour, ele came back and sat next to me. She smiled and said, do you want to see it?. I knew what she meant but I it was still unbelievable to hear her say that and even though my chances of thrashing that sweet little hole were gone as well as being embarrassed at losing the checkers game with my little sister, I said to myself, oh well might as well take what I am getting, So i said “Alriht, go on show it to me”, she smiled and said”Ii know you were dying to see it” and sat opposite to me and took her pants off . Then i realized that if i had won the game, this is probably what she had in her mind
, oh well one step at a time huh?.

Anyway, this was the first time i was looking at a real pussy in full light. In the past I had seen lots of photos and even the real once i had always looked at it closed and never thought of opening the outer lips of the pussy. Ele was excited, the joy of winning the match her made her really happy and she really wanted to cheer me up too so without me asking her anything, my sister said "oh come on cheer up, here look at it closely" and she parted both the outer lips of her pussy. I was dumb struck, to see such an intricate lovely pink thing all in day light. It was amazing, my sister had a large clit and it was fully hard, i felt my heart throbbing in my pants now and after looking at it for few min I touched it, she was very sensitive to my touch and I loved it, I fingered her for a min or two until she closed her eyes.

I moved closer to her and kissed her on the lips she kept her eyes closed but did not respond to my kiss so i tried to open her mouth and push my tounge in it but then she jumped and went ewwww.. and ran away!! Jesus. WTF! so its ok for me to make her come down there but its not ok for me to kiss her on the lips? well i guess brother and sisters don’t do Tung kissing after all. My dick was still throbbing so i just licked her juice off my fingers and got myself off just by smelling the sweet smell of her pussy.

So eventually the night came, I could not sleep at all and I waited for everyone to go to sleep, once everyone was asleep, I sneaked in to my sister’s bed room. She was sleeping, (no really she was) so I gently moved the top off her tummy and started kissing it, she was awake in few min, but pretended to be sleeping, so I took off her pink soft pyjamas down to her knees and started kissing her thighs and her pussy outer lips, i intended to feel every small part of her sweet pussy tonight with my tongue, i noticed that she kicked her pyjamas down off one leg to open her legs a little more, I kept licking her clit until it was hard and then pushed my tongue in to her honypot.

Ele moaned slightly and I could see she was moving her buttocks slightly and enjoying it a lot. The smell of fresh pussy juice was serenading, i was so high I have no idea how long I stayed down there then I felt her hands on the back of my head and she started pushing me harder down there, my tongue was going in and out and i could feel the quivering of her pussy on my tongue and then... yes she slowed to a halt and turned around. Her butt was in full glory and I was left shaking with excitement.

I wanted to come too but what does this little girl knows about that, I climbed in next to her, she felt my hard dick trying to push in to her butt hole and she moved slightly so it would go between her legs. I understood what she was allowing me to do today, so I kept pushing my dick between her legs, she never touched it that night and as soon as I was going to come I quickly put it back in the pyjamas so not to stain the sheets of my siser’s bed or spill my cum on ele. Once I finished, I came back to my bed and went to sleep, i was not thinking what I will do tomorrow but I knew in the back of my mind that next time if I win the checkers game.. I will part her legs as far as they will go and push my dick deep inside her pussy.. oh well but then that’s another story for another time.

If you liked this story then please leave comments of encouragement so i can write the next chapter.

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silver67    (2012-04-14 20:18:10)    Flag as inappropiate
wish i had a sister like that
shybutwannatry1    (2009-01-03 18:22:51)    Flag as inappropiate
Wish I was your sister!
easypeasy    (2008-12-14 17:17:14)    Flag as inappropiate
Mmm, wow, that was incredibly hot, thank you!
cassiandtim    (2008-01-04 14:57:59)    Flag as inappropiate
hell yeah more please!!
gibb0    (2008-01-03 14:03:16)    Flag as inappropiate
even bettter please post the nxt ill do anything

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