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The time has finally come to treat myself to a special night out. I decide to take my wife out to a nice dinner and then a comedy club, which she always loves. Of course, there are lots of drinks for her and I stay sober to drive us. After the show (which was quite raunchy) she is feeling no pain and getting quite frisky. As she visits the restroom before leaving, I put my plan into action and text a buddy from work to meet at the adult theater we had talked about.

As we drive away from the club I reach over and start rubbing my wife's pussy through her jeans and am surprised when she doesn't put up any resistance. In fact, the only pause is when she moves my hand so she can undo her jeans for me to slide my hand down and finger her while she leans back moaning in the passenger seat. As we get closer to the theater, I ask her if she is up for something different and she says sure, not really paying much attention with a finger up her cunt and my thumb rubbing her clit. "What are we doing here?" she asks as I park the car.


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I lean over and start kissing her, working her cunt harder "Let's go in and check out a booth, I don't think I can wait until we get home."

Again, I'm surprised there isn't much resistance as we go in, get tokens and make our way back to the private booths I had scoped out previously. They seem pretty dead and we quickly find a booth and I take a quick glance through the gloryhole to make sure there isn't anyone else on the other side. I then hand her some of the tokens and ask her to find something while I make a quick trip to the restroom, where I text my buddy the booth number and he texts back that he will be there in about 10 minutes.

As I get back to the booth, she opens the door to let me back in and I see she has already found a video. We start making out and quickly have both our clothes on the floor while she is grinding her cunt against me and I'm squeezing her big plump ass and sucking on her 38 DD tits. I turn her facing the wall while grinding against her ass and biting her neck, then trail kisses down her back, over her plump ass and finally burying my face in her wet cunt from behind while she moans.

Suddenly, she jumps a little and feebly tries to reach behind her and push me away while whispering stop. I stand up and look over her shoulder to see a large, black cock and balls. We've talked about it before, and while I'm a standard 6-1/2", my buddy says his measures about 9". "About time." I think as I start rubbing her ass.

"Damn, look at the size of that thing!" I mutter while still rubbing the bottom of her ass. "I think he wants you to stroke it." as I work my fingers back between her legs and start fingering her from behind. She just stands there staring at it until I nudge her forward a little and I watch as she reaches out and starts stroking it while I finger-fuck her from behind. She jerks the cock for a few minutes before it dissappears through the hole, only to return a couple seconds later covered with a condom.

I nibble on her ear and whisper "I think he wants to fuck you."

She mumbles "I can't".

"Sure you can, just turn around and back up to the wall. I know you want to, your cunt it dripping".

She pauses for a couple seconds and I'm thinking she won't go through with it, then she pulls way from my fingers and turns around, looking at me as she backs up. She reaches between her legs trying to guide him in, something she has never been good at, and I take my chance.

"Here, let me help" I whisper as I reach between her legs and move her hand away, grabbing another man's cock for the first time, and kiss her. I quickly pull the condom off and rub the cock up and down her cunt a couple times, then squat down to watch as I guide it into her dripping cunt. I watch as he thrusts a good 4 inches up her cunt on the first lunge and hear her gasp from being stretched. As I watch, he pushes more and more into her hairy cunt, stretching her plump lips, and I could swear it is longer than 9". The hole is bigger than the cock, and I watch as his heavy balls press up against her cunt lips, and watch her juices stick to his scrotum as he pulls back and then lunges into her again and again.

I stand up and start kissing her and jerking off, moving to her neck and listening to her moan and beg to be fucked.

"Does that big cock feel good?"

"God Yes! Uh, Uh, Uh."

"Tell him how good it feels."

"Oh! Fuck my cunt! Pound my pussy with that big cock!" she says as she looks over her shoulder at the wall.

"Just think if he didn't have a condom." I whisper.

"Ugh, Ugh, I don't care. Just fuck me."

"Would you let him cum in you?" I ask.

"Yes, fuck me and cum in my cunt. Shoot your jizz in me!"

At this I kneel down again, stroking my cock and reaching out to rub her clit while I watch the naked cock pounding away at her cunt. I hear my phone beep but I ignore it, watching as his thrusts speed up. Suddenly with a lurch he buries himself up to his balls in my wife's cunt. I watch as his cock jerks as he shoots his load in her cunt, while I spew mine on the floor, and my wife moans in orgasm. After several seconds his cock quits jerking and I watch him slide it out covered in cum and cunt juice and dissappear through the hole. I quickly stand up and kiss my wife, while pulling her to me and pressing my cock against the front of her twat and then whisper "quick, let's go". I help her get dressed, making sure to kiss and fondler her to keep her from noticing how wet she really is and we rush out to the car. As we drive away, I check my messages and find a text from my buddy that says he is caught in traffic and would be another 10 minutes!

"Oh my god, I just let a complete stranger fuck and cum inside my wife" I think as my cock gives a lurch.

"I can't believe we just did that!" mumbles my wife from the passenger seat.

"You seemed to really enjoy it too." she giggles as she leans over and starts rubbing my crotch.

"What?" I ask, still in shock from the message.

"When you were talking about him cumming in me you seemed to get even more into it. I'm just glad he had a condom, that would have been bad."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, besides the chance of disease, now would be the worst time. I was planning on us going home after the show and trying to make a baby. I've been monitoring myself since we haven't had any luck yet, and I should be ovulating today."

"Think you could be up to it by the time we get home" she breathes while rubbing my cock.

I feel my cock lurch again as I think about a stranger's sperm in her pussy for the next 40 minutes until we get home. And I feel it start to get hard as I think about getting her home, eating her cum filled cunt, fucking her sloppy cunt, and pulling out at the last second so my sperm doesn't have a chance.

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buster    (2012-01-02 21:32:00)    Flag as inappropiate
buster there´s nothing quite like licking some strangers sperm out of your wife´s pussy! Would love to fuck your wife one day while watching you cum in mine!
farscapesg1    (2008-01-24 02:18:16)    Flag as inappropiate
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