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Through our years together my husband and I had perfected many ways to meet our long-standing common goal – getting as many new, strange cocks in to all of my holes in as little time as possible! I have to admit, I am addicted to being gangbanged by strange men. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll gladly suck and fuck single men or women and any number and combination from one to a hundred, but the more the merrier!

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And nothing excites my hubby more than watching a bunch of guys fill my ass and pussy with hot jism and feeding me so much cum to swallow I can barely move from being full and stuffed to the gills! One of his favorite videos is of me on a large plastic sheet with a couple dozen guys working me over in every way possible and cumming all over my face and body. When the last one has cum all he can (many are able to get off more than once over the course of the entire event) I roll around on the plastic and cover myself with the sticky puddles and “wash my hair” with it. Then I lick up all I can from what is left on the sheet. Of course it is hard to bring something like this to an actual end as invariably some of the hornier guys get hard watching all of this and start working me over again! And of course hubby wants his due and dumps a couple of loads on and in me too.

Eventually everyone is pretty worn out and the video fades to black on a scene of me taking a shower and rinsing my swollen pussy. When the video fades back to a scene it is of me waiting outside the shower as one of the men finishes his shower. I have a towel waiting and start drying him off paying close attention to his cock and balls. Then I have him get on his knees on a chair we have placed near the shower and bend over and spread his ass cheeks and give him the best rim job he will ever experience (unless I do him again, of course).

I have had a lot of practice doing this and have perfected a mixture of licking, sucking and tongue-fucking their assholes. I’ve developed the muscle in my long tongue to the extent that I can drive it at least 2 inches in. And let me assure you that if have something that firm but soft pile-driving up your asshole for a couple of inches, you are going to get hard and you are going to cum unless you are totally spent from previous activities. I’ve also learned how to get my lips around their sphincter muscle, once they relax a little, and massage it with my lips. Another sure cum dumper!!

But the goal at this point is not to get them all off again, but rather to give them one more reason to go home and throw rocks at their wives and girl friends and to leave them with a memento of the time we spent together. Hubby has the video cam on a tripod and uses a Polaroid to snap a pic of my face buried in his ass and my tongue deep up his asshole (no, you obviously can’t see my tongue since it is where it is, but you can tell from the angle and position of my head what I must be doing, and of course the guy getting the pleasure of it all will remember what was happening!!). And yes, we know about digital photography, but don’t like to drag all the equipment around with us to get them a copy of the pic that way and we are careful about what we let get out on the Internet.

Have you noticed that men never want their face in a fuck pic, but they want the women to be clearly seen and easily identified? What is that about?!?! Anyway, hubby makes sure to not include the guy’s face. And if you knew me, and someone told you that was me in the pic, you wouldn’t likely be able to confirm or deny it from the angle he takes the pic, but the possibility it was me would intrigue you for sure! But we seldom include men we know or who have contacts in common with us for these kinds of outings. And of course the video clearly capture who I am and details of what I am doing!

So we offer this memento to each guy as he exists the shower and each one gladly accepts as they have been watching me with all the guys who proceeded “their turn.” After the last one has been rimmed and photographed, it is time for the “last act.” Hubby blindfolds me and then one by one he has me lick and suck their cock, balls and asshole and see if I can identify them by taste, feel and smell alone. I’ve learned to pay attention through the years, so I am pretty good at this and can usually get 80% or more correct. I can’t always remember their actual names, but “about 6 feet tall, blonde, blue eyes with Scandinavian accent” counts as a correct ID!

By now some of the guys want to have another go at me and I offer them the method of their choosing. And of course many of them want me to rim them to orgasm which I gladly do using one hand to jerk them off while I tongue-fuck their asshole to speed things up a bit.

After the guys have all been satisfied and have left, I take another shower and hubby and I crawl in to bed. We have a couple of standing rules. One of them is that his is always the last cum in me. So since I am too tired and sore for anything “too involved” he jerks off while I verbally replay the “highlights” from my perspective and tell him what I want to do next time and who from the group I want to bring back and who I want to meet for some one-on-one action. He cums a huge load in my mouth and I swallow it as fast as I can to keep from choking. Then we turn off the video camera and go to sleep in each others arms.

I won’t tell you my name, but the first initial of my first name is “ J “ - in case you are guessing you might know us! We’ve lived a lot of life before the action I described above and a lot after. We both got an early start with sex due to my older brother and hubby’s step-mother. We’ll post this and see what the reaction is to see if we should post any more. I’m not sure what is considered unacceptable on this site so I need to find the rules somewhere.

That’s all for now voyeurs! I leave you with one question; if you fantasize about something and then do it, which is it – fantasy or reality? J



Just to answer some of the usual questions… Yes, I prefer black men with large cocks, the more, bigger and blacker the better. But I will take any size and color.

And yes, we have done the Bukakke thing and I have downed a pitcher of cum as part of it.

I crave eating cum!! If I don’t get it every day I start doing crazy things (yeah, I know what would I consider “crazy” if all of the above is not?!?!). In fact I have many men friends in the area (suburbs of a very large city – another clue!) who save and freeze their cum for me when they masturbate. They trade me a visit to their place and doing all they ask me to do for what they have collected for me – I win both ways since I love being someone’s sex slave too!! When I have enough in my freezer I thaw it out and put it in a big 30 oz beer mug we have and down it while hubby films me. Some times I pour it slowly over his cock and balls and lick it up as it spills off. Or I might use some to “bathe” with. I simply can’t get enough!

I’ve decided after thinking it over very carefully and discussing with hubby that I will post an actual picture of me doing what I do best – ensuring I consume my minimum daily requirement of cum!

The picture is deliberately soft-focused to help protect my identity from those of you who know me. Hubby and I both have careers and family we want to protect.

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hotbody2    (2009-06-15 03:20:37)    Flag as inappropiate
Keep the stories cumming. I will watch for more.
outlawandy    (2009-03-03 01:38:15)    Flag as inappropiate
outlawandy That was great!
bikerjohnny    (2009-02-26 15:35:40)    Flag as inappropiate
bikerjohnny Great story and definitely hits all my buttons, would die to find someone to rim like that, which would be a waste now I come to think of it!
firefighter5943    (2008-11-29 00:14:28)    Flag as inappropiate
i think that is hot,
subntn    (2008-11-27 07:52:28)    Flag as inappropiate
Also a cum lover I love your stories.I wish I could join you while you rim their ass and they shoot cum all over me and we both roll in the plastic full of cum together!!!
playful_in_bklyn    (2008-09-11 09:14:27)    Flag as inappropiate
that is so dirty....and I love it
ScrawnyAnomaly    (2008-08-06 17:26:15)    Flag as inappropiate
ScrawnyAnomaly Wow...that's absolutely fantastic. Glad someone is truly fulfilling their sexual desires :)
Belinda481    (2008-01-25 06:16:33)    Flag as inappropiate
That was absolutely fantastic! Thank you for sharing! I hope you'll give us some more episodes with some shots of you satisfying your hunger?

Belinda xxx
mathfreak    (2008-01-10 22:36:04)    Flag as inappropiate
fucking hot, post more PLEASE!
byts    (2008-01-06 10:14:58)    Flag as inappropiate
WOW - over 800 reads, but only 2 commensts and ratings!! It is not clear if anyone wants to read any more or not?? :(

CapitalL    (2008-01-02 13:40:26)    Flag as inappropiate
CapitalL I think i might be able to "help" you with your addiction, if you know what I mean
gibb0    (2007-12-31 07:34:25)    Flag as inappropiate
wow im speechless

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