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My name is Phillip. I am an elementary school teacher. I'm still young and still dress as a teenager with no respect for the professional look of a teacher. 90 percent of all school teachers, from preschool to kindergarten are female. And because of that, each day I am surrounded by hot older women with obsessions of one day having children but unable to find a man. Easy targets. I am not usually a man of violence, but with enough stress and sexual frustration, my mind would revert back to its basic animal instincts.


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There was this teacher. A co-worker. She worked in the classroom right next to mine. She was beautiful. A tall blond woman wearing a pink blouse and regular jeans. So perfectly normal. During breaks, she would walk around the backroom cleaning up the children's paintings in the back and once in a while she would smile and wave hi to me. She was so beautiful . . .

It would be after school. All the kids would be back home. A blond teacher cleans up in the back room. I walk in slowly, purposefully looking dark, suspicious, and mysterious, wearing a black shirt, black army pants and a hat. I walk over slowly and she turns around in surprise. Shes dirty from finger paint, and her blouse got ripped from a disorderly child. Her breasts are showing. Perfect shape and untampered. I stare at her breasts, and she hides them and turns around. She asks "What are you doing here?" In an embarrassed manner. . . "I've come to help you" I say.

Then I grab her from behind, and lift up her shirt. . . started groping her. . .sniffed her hair. . . "No!" She says, But i put my hand on her mouth. She looked at me with fear. Then I slowly put my hand around her neck, choked her lightly, and took one long lick from the back of her neck to her cheek. . . She shudders. Shes starting to let go . . . I unbutton her pants and started rubbing her thigh . . . Then I slowly rub her clit and pussy till she gets wet enough . . . She moans. . . But i hold on tight to her neck .. .

I lower her black silky panties. . . Bent her over a chair and started fucking her. . . slowly. .. Then rough. .. She gets noisy, But i pulled her back and started fucking her standing up .. . Choking her everytime she tried to make a little noise. . . I put my fingers in her mouth. . . and she sucked it .. . then tried to bite me. . . . I turn her around and make her look at me. . . I slapped her a little then kissed her neck and licked her some more and stuck my tongue down her throat . . . she resists a little bit. . . but i managed to grabbed her arms and restrain her. . .

I drag her into the storage room. I threw her in a pile of long brown paper. I duct tape her mouth and wrists together. . . I undress completely and she watched my every move. . . i put back my hat back on. I remove her pants and ripped her already ripped blouse, and pulled off her bra. I grab her by the legs and started licking her and stick a couple fingers in . . . She resists and hits me in the head but soon She tires and started closing her legs and started pushing my head even more. I got up, pulled her up, carried her with her legs on my shoulders and fucked her rough. . . She couldnt get away from me .. . She tries to scream but all that came out were muffled. And she started dripping more. . .

she started looking tired so i set her down. . . Turned her around . . . And fucked her on her knees. . . she writhes and twists, but i had her arms. . . And finally she gushed. .. . She collapses on to the pile of paper. She turns around and looks at me with watery eyes and a sweaty body. .. But i wasn't done yet. I took off the duct tape from her mouth and i wrap my hands around her neck and lifted her head to me and looked in her eyes. . .I choked her until she opened her mouth, then I made her finish me off. I made sure i cummed in her mouth and she choked and swallowed it all. She collapses again. . . tired. I got up. Got dressed . . . and left.

She was my first victim. The day after the incident, she never went in the back room again, and never made eye contact with me again.

One week later . . .


It was a nice day for recess. . .


to be continued with a new victim. . .

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shybutwannatry1    (2009-01-14 00:11:37)    Flag as inappropiate
Nice story..........the closet was a nice touch

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