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  By: CelticBoy

A few years back when I was a student I came back in early one weekend; it was the mid-term break so most of my flat-mates had gone home and I was quite enjoying the rare treat of having the place to myself. I'd already gone into my own room and shucked off my clothes and was now wandering around with just a robe over my naked body and I hadn't bothered to even do it up since the place was empty and it felt kinda naughty. At least, I thought the place was empty and everyone was away because I didn't see any lights on when I came in. When I went through to the living room I realised the TV was on with the sound turned low and my flat-mate Greg was in there on the sofa - stark naked, watching a porno and stroking his 8 inch hard-on.


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It was hard to say who was more embarrassed - I kind of stumbled out an apology saying I thought the place was empty for once, he was trying to say pretty much the same while sitting there naked with his dick sticking up in the air and me being pretty aware my robe was open so my cock was hanging out too and starting to stir because despite the embarrassment it was also a turn on - I mean most of us have fantasised about being caught wanking and it leading to something and here I had just walked in on my 20-something flat-mate tossing himself off. When I turned to look at the video he was watching I realised he was jerking off to gay porn, two twinks locked in a 69 sucking each other off. He got even more embarrassed at that point, trying to explain he wasn't really gay, honest, he was just curious, sometimes thought about doing it with guys instead of girls then just trailed off, cheeks red with embarrassment.



I told him there was no need to feel ashamed about it - sure it wasn't something you might shout about to everyone but plenty of men and women had bi fantasies and there was nothing wrong with that, good sexual fun is always great no matter who you're doing it with and I'd had a couple of fun times with other guys myself. He was surprised at this, so I pointed to my cock which was now getting pretty aroused and said, yeah, see? :-) I asked him if he had actually done it and he said no, he had just fantasised about it but wasn't sure how to approach a guy to try it for the first time. Seems to me chance has just handed you the answer to that, I said with a smile. I dropped my robe and sat down next to him on the sofa.



Wanking to the video is nice, I told him, as I slid my arm around his shoulders while my other hand stroked gently along his thigh towards his crotch, but I bet being sucked off would be even better. I pulled him in closer to me and kissed him, felt his tongue a bit hesitant at first then getting more enthusiastic. When my hand circled his erect cock and started to stroke it he got even more enthusiastic, pushing his tongue into my mouth, kissing me passionately as I slid my hand up and down his dick. I broke the kiss and looked him in the face - I'm going to make your fantasy come true, I told him. I am going to suck you off until you come.



Then without waiting for his response I went right down on him, licking the head of his cock, getting it all wet and slippy, tasting the precum leaking out the tip. I let my lips open over the head of his dick and slowly slid several inches into my mouth and started to suck him. My right hand was stroking the base of his shaft while I sucked his lovely, hard cock, enjoying the velvety soft feeling of the skin stretched taught over his engorged member. I can't believe this is really happening, he mumbled. I let his cock slide out of my mouth for a moment, stroking it against my cheek. I looked right up at him as I held his cock and said, this is your fantasy coming real. I'm going to suck your cock till you come. He groaned in excitement. I want your cum - do you want to shoot your hot load into my mouth? Oh fuck yeah, please, man, he muttered. I'm gonna suck you dry then let you watch me swallow it all.



Oh fuck, he mumbled as my mouth went back down on his hard cock. I was stroking him faster now, moving my mouth up and down on his shaft while I sucked, faster and faster up and down, his cock sliding into my mouth to my throat then back then in. He was getting so excited now his hands were on my head and he was actively humping my mouth and I was happy to let him, enjoying the feel of that big, hard cock thrusting in and out of my mouth, hearing him moan, knowing I was making his fantasy come true and giving him his first gay blowjob. Suddenly I felt his breathing quicken; his hands clutched at my hair and he shouted that he was going to come. I couldn't move my head even if I wanted to and I didn't want to, I wanted that spunk, I was feeling horny and dirty and I wanted a mouthful of hot sperm. He didn't disappoint, suddenly blowing a huge load of salty jism into my mouth.



I sucked and milked him to the last drop, then gently removed his dick from my mouth. I looked up at him and smiled, my mouth open so he could see his own cum in my mouth. I deliberately let a little sperm leak out over my lower lip to run down my chin, then as he watched wide-eyed I tilted my head back and made a show of swallowing the rest of his spunk. Now, I said to him, its time you learned what it is like to suck cock. He smiled eagerly and it wasn't long before he was wolfing down on my hot cock and between his enthusiasm and how worked up I was from blowing him it didn't take long for me to feel my balls getting ready to bust. I held his head and looked down at him as I could feel it building and talked dirty to him, telling him how he was now a hot little cock-sucking slut and how I was gonna fill his mouth with my spunk.


Obviously he couldn't say anything with my cock in his mouth, but he made 'mmmm' sounds and was obviously gagging to have it so I let go and blew my load right into his mouth, feeling him gag slightly then keep going, swallowing his first ever load of spunk. With the others in our flat gone for a few days we had more time to indulge ourselves after we recovered, with a lot more cock-sucking and then me introducing him to hot ass-fucking too; the only thing that would have been hotter is if we could have had one of our female flat-mates joining us...


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r0bert71    (2008-11-14 21:51:00)    Flag as inappropiate
This was one extremely hot fantasy and jerked off with the thoughts of you guys fucking each other, thanks.

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