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  By: elDiablito212

Emily and I had been chatting online for some time now and trading fantasies, stories and sex talk. As we became more comfortable with one another we began to share more and more of our hidden, darker fantasies which we'd probably never share with anyone in person. One recurring fantasy that she kept having was being abducted, tied-up and raped repeatedly. It seemed like she really wanted to experience this more than anything and she even hinted that she might be open to play this one out in real life. I chalked it up as just chatter but she kept coming back to this fantasy so an idea popped up in my mind.

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Being in the information industry I had gotten good background on her, where she lived, where she worked, her car model and license plate number. So I drove down to her town and staked her out for a day to get a sense of her movements and routine. She lived in a rural area and her house was surrounded by many trees which made it convenient to observe her and I even found a large tree to perch myself on that afforded me a perfect view of her bathroom and bedroom.

I watched her unwind from a day of work changing into boy shorts and a tank-top and something about the casualness and simplicity of that scene was so arousing. I sat there perched, unzipped my fly and pulled my dick out, slowly pulling on it back and forth. Oh God, I wanted her so much the desire felt like it was burning in my stomach and I rubbed myself nearly raw but I stopped before I came. I wanted to stoke the fire but extinguish it inside her and not down some damn tree.

From my observation she liked I learned that she usually takes a long time in the bathroom at night getting cleaned up before going to bed which is when I decided to move. I slipped through her living room window and snuck slowly to her bedroom listening closely that she was still cleaning herself up. Once there I moved carefully into the walk-in closet and hid myself in the back behind some boxes and coats. As I waited I toyed with her outfits, touching the crotch of her jeans, imagining the treasure they often held and even ran my tongue over some lingerie she had stashed her. Oh the anticipation, almost there, almost there.

Sometime later when I was sure she was asleep I crept to the door of the closet and slowly and carefully turned the knob. Every little creak of that door sounded like a car crash and the danger and excitement had my heart racing, the blood in my temple beating like hammers against my head. Finally the door was open enough for me to walk out and she was still in a deep sleep. I moved to the foot of her bed and stood there for perhaps thirty minutes just watching her rhythmic breathing as my dick pushed painfully against my pants. I took my dick out and moved to the side of the bed and just stroked myself with my dick inches above her face.

When I finally built up the nerve I moved closer and quickly placed one hand over her eyes and the other hand on her throat. As she started and awoke I told her in a menacing voice, "Don't make a sound and don't struggle. Don't make me hurt you." She protested at first but as my hand tightened around her windpipe she stopped resisting. "Good" I answered as I positioned myself on top of her body and the hand covering her eyes moved away to explore her body. What a nice petite frame she had, breasts a bit on the small side for my tastes but she had some beautiful nipples which quickly became erect with a little teasing. "What do you want?" she pleaded with me and I answered, "Oh baby you know what I want and I know how you like it." I chuckled inside my head at the double meaning but I knew she didn't catch the joke.

I pulled my clothes off down to my boxer briefs and grinded my dick again her pussy, angling to rub against her clit. She gasped after a few moments and I imagined the emotions running through her, the fear, the excitement, the confusion. My free hand then went to her pussy and I parted her lips, rubbing gently, feeling every texture, every fold, enjoying the sensation of her pussy with my fingertips. Next I pulled my dick out to continue teasing her, rubbing my head against her clit to which she let out a slight moan after which her pussy began getting wet. "You see baby, I told you I know what you wanted." I whispered hoarsely to which she had no reply but stared blankly into the ceiling.

Unable to contain myself any further I rubbed my dick against her lips mixing her juice with my precum and gently slid my head in savoring that greatest of man's joy, the first penetration of some new pussy. I moved ever so slowly, pulling in and out, going in a few millimeters deeper each time savoring every moment, every stroke. Oh God, she was so tight it felt like her body was hugging me inside, like her pussy was trying to suck my dick. My rhythm began to pick up as I was pushing completely inside of her my dick pushed against and down her cervix. I began grunting with each push like some animal slipping loose of its bindings and she started panting, taking short breaths which fueled my lust even more.

A few more minutes into it and the animal was completely loose as I drove myself into her with a fury pushing us both up against the headboard. As I contined to fuck her so powerfully she must have lost herself in her fantasy and in the moment as she spread her legs wider to invite me wholy into her body. I still saw anguish on her face and part of her didn't want to enjoy this so I decided to push her over the edge. One hand reached down and began rubbing firmly and quickly over her clit as my other hand squeezed and rubbed her nipples between my fingers. And I continued to fuck her, using everything I've ever learned to ensure that this was the best fuck she ever had, I fucked her deep, I fucked her in circles, fucked her angling up, angling down, fucked her long, fucked her in short thrusts.

By now she was as lost into this moment as I was and she cried out openly and gouged deep scratches into my back, drawing blood as I was to discover later. Her legs had also wrapped against mine and she used it to pull me deeper into her pussy. I don't remember how long we were lost to that moment but when we climbed so high that we couldn't climb any higher we both came, came in powerful screams, guttural primal sounds bordering on absolute pain and pleasure, bodies thrashing, jerking and convulsing as I expelled myself into her body and she drank me up greedily. For a few moments, I continued to push in and out of her but by now I was nearly numb and was just going through the moments. Remembering herself she laid there shocked and began crying pathetically. The sadist in me found pleasure in this and I continued to fuck her as she cried.

It was too soon after cumming to really enjoy it so I layed on top of her and asked her, "So Emily, was rape everything that you'd imagine it to be?" "What?!?" she asked confused. "Come on baby, this is your fantasy. How did you like it?" I asked. "Oh my God, are you... I can't believe it, No, it can't be, Oh my God, no" she cried as anger began to creep into her voice. When the shock passed and she realized the reality of the situation she attacked me, her hands slapping and beating my face and she pounded her heels against my back and legs. "Come on, its your fucking fantasy. Its all you ever talked about." I yelled. "You fucking asshole, you fucking piece of shit. How could you, how fucking could you." she snarled through gritted teeth. "Fuck, come I thought this is what you always fantasized about." I pleaded. "Yeah, its a fantasy you asshole... you think I wanted to be woken up in the middle of the night and raped by some stranger wondering whether or not he's gonna kill me?", "Fuck, shit... but you were always talking about it, I thought you were hinting for me," I replied.

"Well maybe for us to get together and plan something but not like that you asshole." she said as her look slowly changed from rage to aggravation and frustration. "Well, I'm sorry.. I thought you'd get a bigger thrill if I made it genuine and plus you came a few times there," I answered. "Well, if anybody rubs my clit like that and sticks their dick in my pussy long enough I'm gonna cum whether I want to or not.", "Well shit, I'm sorry... God what was I thinking? Shit". After a few moments of silence she tells me, "Now that everything is safe I have to admit that being so terrified made me cum harder than I ever have. Who would've known that being scared can be so arousing. I'll probably never cum like that again."

"Well if you want we can arrange..." I muttered before she cut me off, "No, I think one time is enough.. jeez you really had me scared there, I need a fucking drink... come on let's get out of here, you're paying"

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unknown    (2009-02-28 03:12:54)    Flag as inappropiate
Good story and well thought out.
secret_fantasies_m    (2009-01-08 11:43:08)    Flag as inappropiate
secret_fantasies_m Very hot story! Loved your descriptions of the girl and the feel of entering her pussy for the first time... and how she reacted differently than you expected. I got hard and masturbated reading it. Top notch story!
jayman    (2007-12-15 14:23:48)    Flag as inappropiate
jayman Very nice story ;) nice happy ending

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