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  By: marzxa

Lord only knows why, but since the moment I first saw this young man, I\'ve had a desire to experience his hair. Long, waving... For some reason I always envision it wet. Framing his smooth skin somewhat wildly... I close my eyes and wonder at how he would smell, how it would feel between my lips, against my skin, framing my own most secret places.

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Now I sit in a creaking chair, waiting as he showers and scrubs himself. I smell the mist coming from the other room, and I absentmindedly rub the half-hard buds of my nipples through my shirt. Silently, cursing myself for wearing a \"fortress bra\", the kind so thick that you\'d be lucky to get it off, let alone feel anything through it. I press harder...


He walks in behind me. \"Hi,\" he says softly, but still I jump. Does he know what I was doing? I pretend innocence, click on something or other on the computer so as to disguise my play. He laughs softly, walks up and leans over my back. I feel his chest against my shoulders, stiffening at the sudden intimacy as he rest his chin atop my head... and then it happens.


That beautiful hair, wet, falling around my face, against my breasts, around my now very prominent nipples as they force through layers of fabric. My hands instinctively move and cup them, feeling them push against my palms through the soft cotton, and I breathe deeply.. I smell him... My heart races so loudly as I melt back against him...


Without a single word, he slides his hands slowly, smoothly beneath mine, lacing his fingers with my own against my full breasts. We breathe in unison, as his palms read every nuance of the Braille my hardened nipples have stamped through the fabric. He breathes, his soft yet firm chest pressing harder against me as his hands slowly grip me. Slowly, slowly, so very slowly, I don\'t dare open my eyes. Then... after a moment of stillness, he grips me, pinching me with his fists, making my whole body gasp.


He tugs at his grips, making me moan. He rolls my nipples somewhat playfully, and it hurts so gloriously that I can feel myself melting. I feel hot, liquefied, so turned on... I feel the juices running almost as fast as my blood, I feel them sliding along my labia. Most certainly he knows. I\'m almost sure that he can smell me. I swear I can. The musky smell of desire, the heat of fire melting my most secret places...


Still silent, he pulls back, now bunching my shirt into his fists so to pull it up and over my head. He tosses it softly, almost neatly, onto the floor besides us, and combs his hands back over this nylon fortress that holds me... Together we unfasten all 8 hooks in front, and pull off my bra, laying it to rest on my shirt. Gently, he pulls my own hair aside, and skirts his glossed lips against my neck and shoulder as his hands move so carefully to grip me again. His teeth graze my skin and I shiver at his mercy. My hands slide on his arms as he grips my nipples again, and bites me.


My head grants him access, laying to the side as I bury my face in his hair, feeling it against my skin, so cold. Goosebumps raise on every inch of me as he kneads my breasts and bites me more... harder... god bite me harder... I want him to bite me so hard he leaves marks, breaks skin, tastes the want coursing through my veins. He rakes his nails in burrows against my breasts, intersecting the stretch marks, long-faded, with a bright burning red. His tongue tastes the salt of my sweat, his teeth tug my skin, and I shudder for him. I turn my head, looking for him with heavy lidded eyes, and I kiss him, at the corner of his jaw.


I turn in the chair to face him, look for moments, deeply into his tumultuous eyes... Studying his brow, his nose, his lips, cheeks, all the while his long hair still trailing against my skin. My hands unfasten my denim jeans, unzipping them, they constrict too much now... His hands quickly encircle my wrists, gripping them hard, forcing them to my breasts, and he quietly tells me to tug my nipples. I do, and I shiver more as I hear him moan and feel him pressing his hands against my round stomach, massaging my softness, relishing the scars that course nearly every inch of my skin... finally catching in the waistband of my jeans, finishing the unzipping, and he slips his fingers along the strings of my panties... Then down over my warm spot, cupping me through my black cotton underwear, feeling them wet, feeling the swell of my sex... He leans forward and licks the buds of my nipples as they peak through my tightened fingers.


Without a word, I raise myself up off the chair so he can pull my jeans down, which he does slowly and deliberately. He rubs every inch of my full thighs, my hips, down to my knees. As he bares my knees, he kisses them in turn, cupping them, palming them... Then he rest his head in my lap briefly as he pulls my jeans off the rest of the way, guiding my feet out of the restraints, pushing my knees apart wide, so to see the creases where my inner thighs meet my pelvis. I lose my grip and breathe while looking down at him between my knees, pulling his still wet hair towards me and laying it along my thighs... An invitation that he accepts by kissing, then biting my inner thighs.


Only moments of such teasing exist, but it seems eternities before he pulls me to the floor, and welcomes himself between my thighs. I feel his growing desire pressing against the crotch of my underwear, I pinch his pert nipples in my fingers as he drags his hair against my own nipples. He digs his nails into my sides and my hips grind against him in response. I want him. He knows I want him.


Resting back, he sits naked in between my legs, looking at me shyly for permission to proceed. He wants to see me. I ask for his hands by reaching out with my own, he gives his freely... I guide his fingers under the strings of my panties, curl his fingers around them... and he slowly, surely slides them off of me, gasping wonderfully as my warm spot comes into view.


After baring me completely, he is emboldened and roughly grips my ankles, pushing them up to bring my knees to either side of my chest. He opens me up, revealing both my entrances and I feel him shivering through his grip. He is completely aroused now, I can see him peeking up by the view between my breasts... I slide my hand down, spreading my wet labia to reveal my hardened clitoris, watching him watch me flick it... then rub it.. then pinch it, hard, rocking against the heel of my hand. I\'m showing off for him, and he knows it, and it brings him to rub his erection along the slit that flows from my warm spot back to my ass. My playing hands rub slickness all down his shaft... I rub the head of his erection in teasing circles, feel him dripping...


He snakes a finger to my ass as I begin to really finger myself, and together we fill my holes with wet fingers. My moan, it courses from so deep inside me it sets off a reaction in my vagina that is like a mini-orgasm, and I can tell by the look on his face and the way his fingers are moving into me that he saw it, felt it... It makes me wonder what it\'s like to watch the lips of my warm spot spasm... now, he is the only one who knows.


He pushes my legs up, more firmly now, raising my cheeks off the floor, high enough to rest them in his lap if he wanted. I reach down, moving my body, welcoming the tip of his erection to my rear, easing him in a little so that he watches my body expand to take him in... Now he pushes, slowly, and I moan deliciously, sliding fingers into my warmth so to feel his penis moving into, inside of me... The head presses past the depth that my fingertips reach, and comes to rest deep within my body. He begins to fuck me...


My impending orgasm is so close I\'m already moaning loudly as he thrusts into me... Slowly at first but quickly graduating to a hard, nearly painful fuck that shakes every inch of me... He hangs his head so his hair drapes onto my wet pubic hair, and the tickle of his curls on my clit sets me off... He digs his nails into my hips, breaking the skin as I scream and finger fuck myself harder as he fucks me harder and my orgasm clenches my body around us... My juices flow copiously out of me, onto his now glistening erection and coating his scrotum. I frantically finger myself, faster and faster until I orgasm again, my heels digging into his back.. I curl up as best I can to run my nails hard down his arms and chest as he finally gives in and fills me with his own orgasm, the feel of which makes me moan all the more and twitch through every inch of my insides.


As we slowly move slower, finally relaxing, finally acquainted in this way I\'ve desired for so long... My focus goes back to his smooth face... his eyes are closed as he gives his last twitches inside of me, before sliding out. He looks at me, vulnerable, almost scared, and I gently pull him up along my body. This young man, he kisses the hollow of my throat as I comb my fingers through his amazing hair, draping it around me like a blanket, and I bring him to rest his head against my sore, red-streaked breasts.


\"Hi,\" he says softly.

\"Hello,\" I whisper in return.

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Comments for Strands of Depth

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andre75012    (2009-01-24 17:34:18)    Flag as inappropiate
i felt so horny reading this
andre75012    (2009-01-24 17:33:49)    Flag as inappropiate
i felt so horny reading this
Clarkee    (2008-07-04 18:27:08)    Flag as inappropiate
That was fantastic, very erotic...made me very horny x
BOAGRIAS    (2008-03-04 18:16:15)    Flag as inappropiate
BOAGRIAS Wow, that shit was hot, love the language used. Hope you can keep us coming ;-)
mojitomoe    (2007-12-31 17:25:25)    Flag as inappropiate
...especially the ending. LOVE the two lines you end with!
mojitomoe    (2007-12-31 17:24:48)    Flag as inappropiate
Fantastic! I love the detail you provide. Sounds like you've spent a lot of time thinking about this...

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