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I've always thought my girlfriends best friend was rather attractive. everytime she's either at our place or we go visit her i always have the inkling of a thought of having the 2 of them at once, I mean what guy hasn't. So they're hanging out at home and having some wine and having a conversation over her friends recent break up with her boyfriend and as a few drinks get in them something comes upin the coversation about how she wished she could meet a guy like me how she wants a man who will go out do things with her. then my girlfirend makes a comment about my oral skills (yes thats right she gets oral way more then i do).


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Her friend makes a comment about how she would love to have some good oral not to mention a great lay. after a few more drinks it comes to light that they both have been semi urious about what its like to be with a girl. They laugh it off and have another glass.

I come in the door from a hard day of work with a slight feel of taking my girl an spending a long night in the comfort of the bedroom and the warmth of her body. not aware of what is about to transpire in my home that night. As i come into the living room ifind that their curiosity has gotten the better of them well than and the 3 glasses of wine they've had. There on my couch is the most beautifu girls kissing. what an extremly sensual experience. the 2 of them so deep in each other not realizing i've come home.

Suddenly the sound of the keys hitting the floor breaks their passionate lip lock. They trun to me some what embarassed of what has just happened but are giving me this rather come hither stare as though while neither of them are fully comfortable to be with each other alone as not sure what is the norm for a first lesbian experience thats when my girlfriend looks at me and then looksat her friend i interrupt befoer either of themsay a word, ' its ok .. i understand i could never compete with what she can do' as a turn to leave almost broken hearted hoping to hear the words come join us. when her friend says that she enjoyed the kissing very much but she would like to experience the oral skills my girlfriend so nicely pumped up... i turn to my girlfriend who is already back to kissing her friends neckor sly waves me over.

I gently pull my girlfriend off her neck and begin kissing her then her friend grabs my hirt and pulls me into a deep kiss with her. My mind is a blaze with extascy. As i pull away from the deep kiss i find that my girlfriend has aken her clothes off completly and is working at getting her friends clothes off.. i kiss my girlfirend deeply and begin to remove her friends panties. I begin to slowly lick her juicy wet pussy and she moans as i look up my girlfriend has begun to lick her friends nipples. I begin to swirl and lick a little hard and faster.. she begins to writhe and buck thats when i fid myself being moved into my girlfriends now wonderfully juicy pussy.

as i bring my girlfriend to orgasm her friend has already begun to take off my clothes. my girlfriend and her friend pull me up and then sit me on th couch with my shirt half on and my pants down around my knees i find them disrobing me as quickly as possible. before i know it i have 2 tongues running the length of my now rock hard member. my girl begins to scuk on my balls while her friend proceeds to take as much of my cock into her mouth as she can. they alternate possitions one sucks my cock while the other licks my balls or kisses me with a deep passion i never had before. and then as quickly as all this seems to have happened it stops abruptly.fearing something wrong is about to happen my girlfriend and her friend begin to whisper to each other.

Her friend is asking if we've done anal before my girl shakes her head to state no but whispers she is a little interested. her friend then says let me show you and whispers something into my girlfriends ear. she then shoots up and darts to the bedroom to grab the lube. her friend proceeds to suck my cock until my girlfriend returns. As she applies lube to my engorged cock and to hear awaiting ass she begins to back up and slowly lowers herself onto it. with some guidance from my girlfriends hand my cock slowly slides into her ass. slowly going up and down and with each thrust in her she moans getting louder as she picks up speed.

my girlfriend lowers herself and proceed to eat out her friend. she screams as she cums only she's a squirter and my girlfriend finds herself drinking in her best friends cum and she begins to take as much as she can as her friend lifts herself off my cock my girlfriends face is dripping and then they kiss deeply and passionatly tasting her own cum on my girlfriends lipsshe is slowly positioning my girlfriend to take my cockin her own ass for the first time. she lubes up her finger and slides it in and out of her ass putting more lube on my cockshe whispers in her ear this will hurt a little at first but you'll love it.

as she is slowly lowered onto my well lube cock she whinces in pain finally with my full girth taken inside her they begin to kiss..her friend is slowly lifting her ass and lowering it guiding her into the motion and to the biss she is abot to enjoy. as my girl gets into the motions her friend then goes down i feel the tickle of her tongue glide up my balls and she proceeds to lick my girlfriends pussy.

My girl pulls her up and says she wants her to go get something from her drawer you'll know what it is...she comes back out with a strap-on.. it was a gag gift my girlfriend got. her friend begins to put it on and says why didn't you do this to me as she sides the fake cock into my girlfriend she begins to scream as she enjoys herself and she's being brought to a climax of which i've never given her. as she finishes coming her friend pulls out she climbs off my cock. they both begin to jerk me off and ready themselves for the facial they are about to recieve. I cum in my girlfriends mouth and they begin kissing sharing my cum to swallow. my girlfriend climbs up kisses my gently and tells me she loves me and cuddles up with me and then her friend gets up and puts her arms around me as well...

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like a excelent dream. thank you
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