By: bogli_ako
It was a warm day I was visiting my sister in her boarding house when I saw this handsome guy with his pregnant wife.My sister introduced him to me. My sister said that they were staying in
Posted: May 23, 2009
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By: bogli_ako
This was my long fantasy I have been keeping for some time now. I am married for 5 years now and I have married my husband not for his looks but for safety. He has a decent job but to tell you
Posted: Jan 10, 2009
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By: bogli_ako
This fantasy of mine came almost into reality.I woke up one morning and wondering where is my husband. I could not find him in the house. Instead I see my ex-boyfriend cooking. I am in my house but
Posted: Dec 06, 2008
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By: bogli_ako
I arrived one day at the house with one very young girl around 18 or 19 years oldjust came out of the bathroom with towel covered on her body.Wife introduced this girl as her niece. "Ah that's
Posted: Aug 12, 2008
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By: bogli_ako
My fantasy involved again my wife. I have arranged with an escort to seduce my wife and then to take some compelling photos to be used for blackmailing her later.The man agreed ofcourse and as a man
Posted: Aug 01, 2008
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By: bogli_ako
I was so pissed off with my wife one time when she called me gay.The reason is that she got one offline message on her messenger something like"I can't forget you. I still love you. After
Posted: Jul 29, 2008
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By: bogli_ako
Me and my wife went on a trip to europe. While on this trip we met a couple and invited us on a party.I and my wife already have several glasses of wine and was really enjoying it. She excused with
Posted: Jul 12, 2008
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By: bogli_ako
Wife's birthday is fast approaching. I can't think of any new gift. Almost all that she ever wanted I have already given her. Then I recalled that whenever we were watching a girl-girl scene
Posted: Apr 30, 2008
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By: bogli_ako
My fantasy surrounds sharing my pregnant wife with other guys. She is about five months pregnant Asian girl. She is very conservative by nature and took me a lot of time and effort to train her to
Posted: Feb 27, 2008
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