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Wild Orchid
wild-orchidEmily, a raw recruit to a law firm is sent to
Director: Zalma King
Cast: Mickey Rourke , Jacqueline Bisset

9 and 1/2 weeks
9-and-12-weeksAn erotic story about a woman, the assistant of
Director: Adian Lyne
Cast: Mickey Rourke , Kim Basinger

Last tango in Paris
last-tango-in-parisA young Parisian woman begins a sordid affair
Director: Bernardo Bertolucci
Cast: Marlon Brando

Same Time, Next Year
same-time-next-yearA man and woman meet by chance at a romantic inn
Director: Robert Mulligan
Cast: Alan Alda, Ellen Burstyn

American Gigolo
american-gigoloHe's the highest paid lover in Beverly Hills.
Director: Paul Scrader
Cast: Richard Gere, Lauren Hotton

You've got Mail
you've-got-mailTwo business rivals hate each other at the office
Director: Nora Ephron
Cast: Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan

Better Sex Video Series: Sexplorations
better-sex-video-series:-sexplorationsThe enlightening videos from the Sinclair Intimacy
Director: Dr. Mark Schoen
Cast: Dr. Linda Banner; Ph.D.; Dr. Eli Coleman; Ph.D.; Robin Millhausen; Ph.D.; Dr. Eusebio Rubio-Aurioles; MD; Ph.D.

Matt and Khym: Better Than Ever
matt-and-khym:-better-than-everBarely out of their teens when they got together,
Director: Tony Comstock

Fatal Attraction
fatal-attractionHappily married New York lawyer Dan Callagher
Director: Lyne
Cast: Michael Douglas, Glenn Close

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