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By: pie106
This is a chapter from my latest book, Ashlee's Toy. If you enjoy this passage please go to and search for Ashlee's Toy, the whole book. Thank-you for your interest.
Posted: Sep 16, 2012
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By: Petra
  I stood in front of my bedroom mirror lifted my dress up and with legs wide apart peed my panties; the warm liquid ran down my legs soaking my ankle-socks and my shoes and making a small puddle
Posted: May 31, 2011
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By: RodManly
It was the middle of the night and I was in bed with my wife, Libby, beside me. A friend of mine, Charlie, was in town and spending the night in the spre bedroom.   Through the wall of
Posted: Aug 26, 2010
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By: RodManly
It was lunch time and I had been out of the office on the road to various meetings around town. I was near the house, so I thought I’d stop by home for a bit, grab a bite to eat, and visit
Posted: Aug 20, 2010
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Pace booty, is what the triathlete community calls it.  that delectable piece of appropriate sex ass that you chase notionally because they're ahead of you, but in reality, you're thinking
Posted: Feb 13, 2010
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it's amazing how you don't notice something that's right under your nose. I had been "mobilized", that is, my workplace had gone mobile. Issued a laptop, cell phone instead
Posted: Feb 12, 2010
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I come to pick you up for dinner and I am aroused by your outfit; stockings, heels and all. I take you by the hand and tell you I need an appetizer, and lead you to the bedroom. I bend you over the
Posted: Jul 18, 2009
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As we lie in bed talking about the day of furniture shopping ahead, I have the desire to calm your exuberant clashing of your style with mine by giving your a spanking. I know it something you want,
Posted: Jul 18, 2009
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The following is a draft as I try to remember the real events that I allude to below.  I've changed things around to pace them out better, but otherwise it's real, as I experienced it. 
Posted: May 20, 2009
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One night late at night I am alone in my house getting dressed up just how I like to in black bra and thong panties with matching garter belt and stockings. After securing the stockings on my shaved
Posted: Jul 27, 2008
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